Mirage Bodywork in Modena is an institution for the repair of vintage and specialist cars.
We are associated with major insurance groups including Unipol, Autolgalia, Vittoria and Cattolica.
This allows the streamline of bureaucratic practices for the injured party, who has the power to sign the credit transfer, thus also guaranteeing payment for the necessary bodywork. We can provide two free replacement cars and work with companies involved in car transport to assist with transportation from the site of the accident to the workshop.


We are experienced in dealing with bureaucratic practices around accidents and thanks to associations with certain insurance companies (AUTOPRESTO & BENE - Unipol / AuthoItalia / Vittoria / Gruppo Cattolica) we offer a range of helpful benefits. Among these is the sale of the credit, whereby when the client signs for the repair of his car the insurance company will pay for the bodywork directly.
restauro carrozzeria auto vintage in officina

Documentation and working method

We provide complete documentation of all the work we do. We faithfully follow this policy to facilitate the work of insurance companies and clients who wish to have all the right paperwork and documentation.
If you have an inquiry please contact us by emailing
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